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Membership benefits

Individual membership of the AHA includes the following benefits:

  • Subscription to History Australia, a refereed journal with a reputation for cutting edge scholarship and a growing international profile, that publishes historical research and articles about the discipline and the profession of history. History Australia is published four times each year. It is available automatically to members in an online version or you can ‘opt in’ to receive a print copy.
  • Registration discounts for annual AHA conferences.
  • Regular receipt of the AHA newsletter with up-to-date information on employment opportunities, scholarships, fellowships, workshops, specialist symposia, conferences and other events.
  • Publicity concerning deadlines for AHA-Copyright Agency bursaries and NAA-AHA scholarships and the full range of AHA biennial awards and prizes.
  • Access to the postgraduate network and special postgraduate events at the annual conference.
  • Representation of disciplinary concerns at the national level.

The AHA welcomes affiliate membership from scholarly historical organisations which support the objectives and constitution of the AHA. Affiliates of the Australian Historical Association enjoy the benefits of individual membership with the exception of the right to vote and stand for election. Additional benefits of affiliation include:

  • Promotion of your organisation through listing on the AHA website.
  • Publicity of your organisation’s news and events through AHA social media channels.
  • With the agreement of the conference organiser, have access to the AHA annual conference as an affiliated special stream.

Please note: Members of affiliated organisations need to be individual members of the AHA to present at annual AHA conferences.

 Membership prices

Membership definitions can be viewed here.

  1. Individual – $150
  2. Student – $85
  3. Concession – $100
  4. Low income – $85
  5. Primary or secondary teacher – $120
  6. Individual (International) – $100
  7. Affiliated organisations – $170
  8. Individual (2 years) – $300
  9. Student (2 years) – $170
  10. Concession (2 years) – $200
  11. Low income ( 2 years) – $170
  12. Primary or secondary teacher (2 years) – $240
  13. Affiliated organisations (5 years) – $750

All AHA members receive access to four issues of History Australia per year.

Membership runs for a year. On renewal your membership will be extended 12 months from the current expiry date.

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(Please note that this link takes you to a third party site and payment does not mean immediate access to this website. Membership payments are processed weekly and you will receive email confirmation when it is done.)

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