Fund Trove

The AHA has been active in calling to have the funding restored to Australia’s cultural institutions which will affect Trove, the online archive developed and managed by the National Library of Australia that is a fundamental piece of research infrastructure. The President, Angela Woollacott wrote to Scott Morrison on 17 December 2016 protesting the cuts in his budget to cultural institutions; she wrote to the Prime Minister on 2 March 2016 (cc Bill Shorten, Mitch Fifield and Mark Dreyfus) about the damage that these cuts will cause, including to Trove; that letter was printed in Australian Book Review in April; and she has written about the issue in a forthcoming ‘From the President’ essay that will be published in History Australia.

Many AHA members have been actively campaigning to save Trove by publicising its value, writing to their local members, and in their considerations for voting in the forthcoming Federal election. You can find out more @fundtrove.