Contesting Australian History: Festschrift in honour of Professor Marilyn Lake

Thursday 8 December to Friday 9 December 2016, Gryphon Gallery, 1888 Building , University of Melbourne

This festschrift event is in celebration of Marilyn Lake’s scholarship and teaching and her contributions to different university communities and the Australian Historical Association, and her much valued friendship and collegiality over many years. The themes of the two day event will include: international history from an Australian perspective; histories of feminism; engaging America: US history from an Australian standpoint; the power of Anzac and the impact of war; Australia in the world; campaigns for Aboriginal rights and recognition; history in the public domain.

Please RSVP to Joy Damousi.


Opening by Professor Glyn Davis, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Melbourne.

Chair: Joy Damousi
Speakers: Graeme Davison, Pat Grimshaw, Stuart Macintyre, Jill Roe

Gender Relations in Australian History at La Trobe University
Chair: Bethany Phillps-Peddlesden
Speakers: Liz Conor, Zelda Grimshaw, Bridget OʼBrien, Ruth Ford, Catriona Elder, Freya Matthews

International History from an Australian Perspective
Chair: Sean Scalmer
Speakers: Joy Damousi, David Lowe, Kate Laing, Henry Reynolds, Roland Burke

Histories of Feminism
Chair: Angela Woollacott
Speakers: Susan Magarey, Desley Deacon, Alice Maxwell, Judy Smart, Marian Quartly

Engaging America: US History from an Australian Standpoint
Chair: Desley Deacon
Speakers: Clare Corbould, Warwick Anderson, Ian Tyrrell, Diane Kirkby

The Power of Anzac and the Impact of War
Chair: Alan Atkinson
Speakers: Stephen Garton, Charlotte McDonald, Christina Twomey, Mark McKenna

Australia in the World
Chair: Kate Darian-Smith
Speakers: Tracey Banivanua-Mar, Sophie Loy-Wilson, Samia Khatun, Iain McCalman

Campaigns for Aboriginal Rights and Recognition, Then and Now
Chair: Tiffany Shellam
Speakers: John Maynard, Tim Rowse, Penny Edmonds, Vicki Haskins

History in the Public Domain
Chair: Andy May
Speakers: Margaret Anderson, Mary Crooks, Don Watson, Clare Wright