Congratulations to the winners of the 2020 State Library of New South Wales Fellowships

Carol Thomas Fellowship: Sally Young for project ‘Sworn to No Masters’ 

Ross Steele AM Fellowship: David Hansen for the project ‘Pictures in the Collections of the State Library of NSW’ 

Dr AM Hertzberg AO FellowshipBen Huf for the project ‘Colonial Liquidity’ 

CH Currey FellowshipRebecca Jones for the project ‘Drought, Flood, Heat and Dust’ 

Nancy Keesing Fellowship AM: Sophie Robinson for the project ‘Lesbian Sydney in the 1990s’ 

Australian Religious History Fellowship: Clare Monagle for the project ‘Christian Consciousness Raising’ 

David Scott Mitchell Memorial FellowshipJarrod Hore for the project ‘Grounding Colonial Science’ 

Merewether Fellowship: James Boyce for the project ‘The Macquarie Years’ 

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