‘Conflict in History’: AHA conference 2014

The School of History, Philosophy, Religion and Classics at the University of Queensland had great pleasure in convening the 33rd annual conference of the Australian Historical Association at the University of Queensland from 7-11 July 2014.

The conference theme was ‘Conflict in History’, inspired by the fact that 2014 was the centenary of the outbreak of the First World War. But the theme was interpreted broadly. Topics included:

  • Pacifism, anti-war movements and peace-making in history;
  • Histories of domestic and sexual violence;
  • Frontier violence and other aspects of conflict in settler-indigenous relations;
  • Histories of political protest or conflict among activist groups;
  • Histories of generational conflict;
  • Histories of industrial and class conflict
  • Histories of religious conflict or sectarianism;
  • Emotional histories of conflict and trauma; and
  • Theoretical approaches to violence and conflict in history.


Keynote speakers

Professor Christopher Clark (St. Catharine’s College, Cambridge)

Professor Karen Hagemann (University of North Carolina)


Other plenary sessions and panels

‘1914: Death of a Nation’: Professor Marilyn Lake, AHA Presidential Address

‘Theorising Violence in History’: Professor Stuart Carroll (York), Professor Philip Dwyer (Newcastle), Professor Amanda Nettelbeck (Adelaide)

‘Violence and the Intimate Frontier’: Professor Lynette Russell (Monash), Associate Professor Vicky Haskins (Newcastle) and Dr Angela Wanhalla (Otago)

‘The Changing Public Faces of History’: Big Questions in History

Some sessions and panels were recorded and podcasts are available.


Connected events

Public talk by Dr Clare Wright at the State Library of Queensland on the making of the ABC Documentary ‘Making The War That Changed Us: Notes from the Frontline of History, Television and Military Remembrance’, Tuesday 8 July (evening)

Public roundtable discussion by Professor Karen Hagemann (UNC), Professor Neta Crawford (Boston) and Associate Professor Fiona Paisley at the State Library of Queensland, ‘Anti-War? Rethinking the Twentieth Century’, Wednesday 9 July (evening)

Postgraduate students skills session: ‘Post-PhD Pathways’, Wednesday 9 July

AHA Conference Dinner (Customs House), Thursday 10 July


Affiliated conferences

The AHA conference included a number of affiliated conferences and symposia:

  • Centre for the History of Emotions Symposium (Tuesday 8 July)
  • Network for Women’s History Symposium (Tuesday 8 July)
  • Religious History Association Conference (Tuesday 8 July – Thursday 10 July)
  • Professional Historians Association Conference (Wednesday 9 July)
  • Australian Society for Sports History Conference (Thursday 10 July)
  • Centre for the History of European Discourses Symposium (Friday 11 July)


Organising committee

Martin Crotty (convenor)
Melissa Bellanta
Melissa Harper
Dolly MacKinnon
Geoff Ginn
Andrew Bonnell
Samantha Bedggood