CFP: How The Personal Became Political: Re-Assessing Australia’s Revolutions In Gender And Sexuality In The 1970s

Call for papers deadline 28 October 2016

Monday 6th March – Tuesday 7th March 2017, Australian National University

How and why did matters previously considered private and personal, become public and political during the 1970s? What were the key policy shifts? How were protests in the streets connected to legislative reforms? Who were the critical players and what were the dramatic moments? How was resistance to change manifested, and what fears were articulated? How did differences of race, class, religion, age and locality matter? How did Australia fit into the broader transnational movements for change? What have been the legacies? Proposals are invited for papers that address any aspect of the events, transformations, policy changes and watershed developments in gender and sexuality in Australia in the 1970s. Elizabeth Reid (AO, FASSA, FAIIA) will be the keynote speaker at this interdisciplinary 2-day symposium, which will be the ANU Gender Institute Signature Event for 2017, and will celebrate both International Women’s Day and the Institute’s 6th anniversary.

Conveners: Professor Angela Woollacott, ANU, and Assoc. Prof. Michelle Arrow, Macquarie University
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