AHA member to deliver RSHV Annual AGL Shaw Lecture

Marguerita Stephens will deliver the 2016 Royal Historical Society of Victoria AGL Shaw Lecture in Melbourne on 21 June 2016.

Her lecture, ‘Unless a portion be given to the idle’: The Kulin and the New Poor Law at Port Phillip’ will  explore the principles and practice of rationing policies in relation to the Kulin people at Port Phillip in the early 1840s, and the different approaches of Charles La Trobe and William Thomas, one of the Assistant Protectors of Aborigines. Dr Stephens will argue that the principles that underpinned La Trobe’s rationing policy directly reflected the principles of the New Poor Law of 1834, with all its utilitarian ambivalence towards the salvation of the ‘uncivil’. While La Trobe and Thomas both counted themselves as humanitarians, they were at odds over the principles of rationing and the effects of a harsh rationing regime on the survival of the Kulin.

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