Executive Committee

Joy-Damousi MelanieOppenheimer
Professor Joy Damousi
University of Melbourne
(Advocacy and Policy Portfolios)
Vice President:
Professor Melanie Oppenheimer
Flinders University
(Research and Prizes Portfolios)
A/Professor Lisa Featherstone
University of Queensland
(Budget and Finances Portfolio)
Lynette Russell
A/Professor Noah Riseman
Australian Catholic University
(Membership, Subscriptions and Promotions Portfolios)
Immediate Past President:
Professor Lynette Russell
Monash University
Committee Member:
Professor Kirsten McKenzie
University of Sydney
(Prizes Portfolio)
Committee Member:
Dr Romain Fathi
Flinders University
(Membership and Teaching and Learning Portfolios)
Committee Member:
Dr Lyndon Megarrity
James Cook University
(Teaching and Learning Portfolio)
Committee Member:
Dr Ruth Morgan
Monash University
(Copyright Agency Conference Bursary Scheme and Social Media Portfolios)
Aileen Walsh
Committee Member:
Dr Gemmia Burden
University of Queensland
(ECR Mentoring Scheme Portfolio)
Postgraduate Student Representative:
Ms Aileen Walsh
Australian National University
(CAL Postgraduate Bursaries and Social Media Portfolios)
Early Career Researcher Representative:
Dr André Brett
University of Wollongong
(ECR Mentoring Scheme Portfolio)
Digital Humanities Representative:
Dr Tim Sherratt
University of Canberra
Journal Editor:
Dr Leigh Boucher
Macquarie University
Journal Editor:
Dr Kate Fullagar
Macquarie University
Journal Editor:
A/Professor Michelle Arrow
Macquarie University
Co-opted Member:
Dr Rosalie Triolo
Monash University and History Teachers’ Association of Australia (HTAA)
2020 Conference Convener:
Dr Bart Ziino
Deakin University

2021 Conference Convener:
Dr Ruth Balint
University of New South Wales

AHA Secretariat

Executive Officer
The Australian Historical Association
PO Box 1118
Dickson ACT 2602

Email: executive@theaha.org.au

Please note that this is a part-time position.

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