Congratulations to Timothy Verhoeven for publishing ‘Secularists, Religion and Government in Nineteenth-Century America’

Congratulations to Timothy Verhoeven for the publication of Secularists, Religion and Government in Nineteenth-Century America (Palgrave, 2019). Drawing on petitions to Congress, the book investigates a series of grassroots mobilisations in favour of a secular state, challenging the view of nineteenth-century America as dominated by an informal religious establishment.   Further information.

Australian Migrant History Network: ‘Local Communities, Global Networks’ AHA Conference Migration history Stream CFP

8-12 July 2019, University of Southern Queensland, Toowoomba   How do historical studies of the local and the global intersect in migration history? How do histories of migration inform, contest and shape regional, national, transnational and global histories? How does migration and ethnic history intersect with histories of religion, class, gender, health, race, and colonialism? Following Read more …