Funding for ECRs

The AHA’s Allan Martin Award is a research fellowship intended to assist early-career historians further their research in Australian history. It is available to all early career historians (within five years of the award of their PhD degree), whether academic, professional, or public historians working in museums, war memorials and other institutions. Funding of up Read more …

‘Stealth Raiders: A Few Daring Men in 1918’

Congratulations to Lucas Jordan on the the publication of his new book. It features diary excerpts and photographs from the men involved, to track stealth raids and their evolution as a distinctly Australian phenomenon, arguing that bush skills and the bush ‘ethos’ central to Australian society was the foundation of such raids. Further information.

‘Imperium of the Soul: The Political and Aesthetic Imagination of Edwardian Imperialists’

Congratulations to Norman Etherington on the publication of this book in January. In a series of thematically linked chapters, he explores the work of writers Rudyard Kipling, Joseph Conrad, Rider Haggard and John Buchan along with the composer Edward Elgar and the architect Herbert Baker. Further information.

‘Cosmopolitan Lives on the Cusp of Empire: Interfaith, Cross-Cultural and Transnational Networks, 1860-1950’

Congratulations to Jane Haggis, Clare Midgley, Margaret Allen and Fiona Paisley, whose co-authored book was launched at the AHA conference in July. The book looks back to the period 1860 to 1950 to grasp how alternative visions of amity and co-existence were forged between people of faith, both within and resistant to imperial contact zones. Further information.

Petition to restore the independence of the State Records Office of Western Australia

The Western Australian Government has merged the State Records Office (SRO) into the State Library of Western Australia from 1 July 2017, effectively ending the existence of the SRO as an independent agency. The Australian Society of Archivists (ASA) has protested against this change to the machinery of government, which was made without any proper process of Read more …

Honest History news

The Honest History website has new material, as advised in Honest History’s Newsletter No. 45. There are reviews of Australian Lives, edited by Anisa Puri and Alistair Thomson, Ashton’s Hotel, Rhonnda Harris’s edition of the diaries of the first governor of the Adelaide Gaol, and The Vimy Trap, by Canadian authors, Ian McKay and Jamie Swift. (‘Vimyism’ in Read more …

AHA ECR blog additions

Get to know the AHA’s amazing and hardworking president, Professor Lynette Russell, here in this month’s Q&A, where she talks about how and why she is inspired to write history and her vision for the Australian historical association as well as the future of the discipline. In the Emerging Historian series, meet Claire Wright, an economic Read more …