W.K. Hancock Prize

Janet Butler, Kitty’s War: The Remarkable Wartime Experiences of Kit McNaughton, University of Queensland Press, 2013


Ernest Scott Prize

Angela Wanhalla, Matters of the Heart. A History of Interracial Marriage in New Zealand, Auckland University Press, 2013.


Jill Roe Prize

Chris Holdridge, The Pageantry of the Anti-Convict Cause: Colonial Loyalism and Settler Celebrations in Tasmania and Cape Colony


AHA/ASAL Magarey Medal

Fiona Paisley, The Lone Protester: AM Fernando in Australia and Europe, Aboriginal Studies Press 2012


AHA Kay Daniels Award

Kristyn Harman, Aboriginal Convicts: Australian, Khoisan and Maori Exiles,
UNSW Press 2012


AHA Serle Award

Carolyn Holbrook, The Great War in the Australian Imagination Since 1915


Allan Martin Award

Amanda Kaladelfos, Immigration, Violence and Australia Postwar Politics


Pat Grimshaw Prize

Agnieszka Sobocinska


The AHA congratulates all the winners.


AHA/CAL Travel and Writing Bursaries

Those awarded full bursaries are Isobelle Barrett Myering (UNSW), Miesje de Vogel (UNSW),  Iva Glisic (UWA), Marisa Gonçalves (Wollongong), Effie Karageorgos (Flinders), Hannah Loney (Melbourne), Tristan Moss (ANU), Anne Rees (ANU),  Susan Reidy (Melbourne) and Emily Robertson (UNSW Canberra). The AHA has also awarded part-bursaries, consisting of a conference fee waiver and access to the mentoring and workshop scheme, to Margaret Hutchison (ANU) and Ana Stevenson (Queensland).