2015 AHA Conference:
‘Foundational Histories’

6–10 July, University of Sydney


History abounds with metaphors of foundation: the foundations of knowledge or the discipline, as well as the foundational narratives of nations. These metaphorical foundations do not stand on solid rock: they can be unsettled, shifted and shaken. The AHA Conference will do some gentle shaking in 2015, a year when many Australians will celebrate the centenary of the ‘birth of a nation’ at Anzac Cove.

We are excited to have as keynote speakers Professor Peter Mandler and Professor Ann Curthoys.

We welcome proposals for panel sessions and individual papers that reflect critically on our theme from any angle, historical period or research area. We especially encourage proposals for panel sessions that bring together postgraduate, early career and senior researchers.

Specific themes may include, but are not limited to:

•      Traditions, myths and foundation stories
•      War and other catastrophes
•      Indigenous foundations
•      100 years of Gallipoli: what are we celebrating?
•      Colonisation: foundation and disaster
•      The natural foundations of human history
•      Mind, body and senses: foundations of the self?
•      Intimate histories: family and migration
•      Heritage, urban foundations and sites of memory.
•      Foundations of rights and belonging
•      Does transnational history have a foundation narrative?
•      Disciplinary foundations: does history have a core?
•      Digital archives: shifting the foundations of historical knowledge?
•      Teaching history: is there a foundational curriculum?
•      Digging deep: beyond human history

A call for papers will be issued soon.